WASHEN grows with our clients

We aim to offer infinite value to our clients all over the world.

corporate culture

Creation and innovation of WASHEN start from technology. WASHEN, who spares no effort in technical development based on good faith and integrity, not only do to achieve corporate development and culture, but also for our clients’ satisfaction. We strive to realize its dream of making contributions to social development of human being.

Corporate mission: quality-oriented, integrity first.        Corporate spirit: Learning, Innovation and ready to make contributions.
Corporate vision: To make us a representative of Fastening Enterprise.
Our values: respect for everyone, sincerity and openness, integrity, responsibility and pursuit of excellence.
Our idea for talents: the stage extends as much as you can achieve.

Various activities bring out employees’ enthusiasm

WASHEN pushes forward its cultural development through kinds of training and paid holidays, as well as a wide variety of activities while enhancing its presentation of its culture to the outside. Training and paid holidays bring our employees united as close as families, and make them always work in good moods.

  • A New leap from anew start in 2018

    The Washen company celebrating New Year ceremony of 2018...

  • Visit Zhejiang Huge Bamboo Forest Park

    The Washen Company organizing the tourism trip for the relaxing.

  • Inaugurate Ceremony for New Plant in 2017

    Washen grow with rapid rose of China’s economy and fastening business of the past few years, and now we will focus more on the sustainable growth while expanding throughout the world.