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Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd is a High-Tech fastener factory that supplies rivets & solutions to Automobile, Mid/High Voltage Cabinets and Home Appliance industries.



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We have introduced 48 sets imported multi-station machines and 6 sets laser selecting machines will be expected in 2018.Our factory manufactures 400 million pieces of structural rivets and automobile blind rivets ,1 billion standard blind rivets annually now.Our Laboratory is equipped with Measuring Projector, Tensile & Shear Machines, Hardness Testing Set ,Vision Measuring System, Destructive Testing Machine, Profilometer, Thickness Testing Machine and Salt Spray Testing Machine so that we can meet the automobile industry, electrical cabinet industry’s strict requirement by providing fast & accurate testing data.

We choose top-ranking domestic suppliers as partners, from material selecting, manufacturing, till shipment are all strictly monitored and recorded according to ISO/TS16949 management system. We follow ISO, DIN7337, IFI114,HUCK and Avdel standard, and also we can design and produce according to customer requirement.

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